We have compiled a list of important rules for using the scooter.
Study them carefully. You need to pass a test at the end, and if you understand the material well, you'll receive a promo code for a discount.

Get a bonus if you know the rules well

Driving school
A scooter is not just a convenient mode of transport around the city. With great convenience comes great responsibility. Responsibility for your safety and the safety of others.

We have compiled these rules based on personal and worldwide experience of operating electric scooters, traffic rules, and the basic rules of respect for yourself and others.

The scooter is safe.
What isn't safe is irresponsible driving.

Transport category
More than 25 km/h = Scooter
Less than 25 km/h = Pedestrian or Bicycle
Low-power Whoosh scooters do not accelerate more than 25 km/h. These will be discussed further in these rules.
You need the necessary licences and knowledge of specific clauses of traffic rules, as well as special equipment.
How does a scooter work?

Rules for using the scooter
Using the scooter while intoxicated is not allowed. Riding a scooter requires attention and good reactions.
Only use while sober
Do not let children ride the scooter. The Whoosh service can only be used by adults.
For adults only
Riding together on one scooter is dangerous. This severely reduces handling and mobility.
No passengers
Where can I ride?
Responsible driving
While riding
Complex situations
Parking rules
Now let's test your knowledge. Shall we start the test?
There's a lot, of course, but it's all super important.
That should be everything
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