Whoosh now plans routes in the app
November 11, 2021
We are developing a fully-fledged navigator for PMVs and have already taken the first step towards doing this. We've taught the app to build convenient routes for e-scooters and e-bikes. Whoosh now plans walking routes to the nearest scooter, followed by creating routes while on the PMV to the nearest parking area, taking into account the nature of the road and of road traffic regulations. Finally the app will plan a walking route from the parking area to the final destination.
Routes are pland according to the following principles:

  • The way on foot to the nearest available scooter
  • The route for the trip itself up to the parking area
  • The way on foot from the parking area to the final destination

The Whoosh development team is also getting ready to release fully-fledged GPS navigation just for PMVs, which will include the ability to plan a route taking into account the following preferences - a faster route, but having to cross the road through underground tunnels, or a longer route, but with a minimum number of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. The GPS navigation system will have the ability to plot a route through the most beautiful places and sights nearby.

The idea of this kind of navigation system was presented in the summer at our hackathon, Whoosh Mobility Hack, by the winning "KICK Sideways" team from MISiS. Incidentally, some of the members of this team currently work at Whoosh.

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