Whoosh launches
E-Scooter Driving School
November 15, 2021
Whoosh has launched an online e-scooter driving school that allows participants to learn how an e-scooter is made, how to use it and how to drive safely and responsibly. At the end of the training, the customer will take a test. In addition to knowing the rules to drive carefully, the prize for passing is - a promotional code for a discount.

The course consists of seven parts, it allows you to master the basic rules of e-scooter driving, including moving according to road traffic rules, not annoying motorists or pedestrians, not creating any emergencies on the road and not ruining your mood. The training manual also covers specific situations, for example, how to drive in bad weather, how to go over curbs properly, and why it is essential to slow down when driving past an arch. Also, the course explains in detail why two people cannot ride on a scooter and why you cannot ride with a child. All teaching will take no more than 10 minutes, knowledge is then consolidated with a test.

School materials are available in the Whoosh app and at link.
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